Thursday, June 11, 2009

Health Wonk Review: Reform Edition (6/11/09)

Ah, the anxiously anticipated Health Wonk Review (HWR) is finally here. For those that do not follow the HWR, it is a summary of the best health blogs in the country during the previous 2 weeks and the current health reform edition is hosted by one of the titans of the health policy blogosphere, Joeseph Paduda over at Managed Care Matters.

So, get nimble and get quick with the latest information or you might end up like our friend in the picture. ~BAA


Anonymous said...

I stumbled on this blog..and find your insights fascinating. Thank you. You apparently are the lone voice on this blog, but its a good one.

Brady Augustine said...

Comments are always welcome and if you like what we have to say, please don't forget to share with others. Thanks. ~BAA