Water Filtration For Health

Life is not possible without water. At the same time, you cannot drink any type of water. Water containing unwanted minerals and chemicals damage your health. On the other hand, your drinking water should contain essential natural minerals or the body does not get these minerals in sufficient quantities. The water at most places requires filtration and purification before it becomes fit for human consumption. It can be made drinkable by removing impurities and unwanted elements in it. Microorganisms like bacteria and viruses must also be removed. There are many advantages of water filtration and purification.

Extra information about water filtration

Removal of Unwanted Minerals

Untreated water contains different types of minerals that are harmful to the health. Some of these minerals include magnesium, iron, copper and lead. These minerals in higher quantities cause different types of health problems. Some minerals in excess quantity cause permanent disabilities. A variety of filtration systems, chemicals and disinfectants are used to remove unwanted minerals from the drinking water. It helps reduce both short and long term health risks.

Harmful Organisms

As soon as the water comes out of the ground, it becomes contaminated with harmful organisms. This type of contaminated water is unfit for drinking. Microorganisms cause health problems like vomiting, diarrhoea and other illnesses. The water should be filtered and purified to remove these microorganisms.

Fluoride and Chlorine

While chlorine itself is used to treat water, it is not good for human health. There are filters that remove chlorine and its by products from the drinking water. Many locations have groundwater with excess fluoride. People living in these regions suffer debilitating illnesses if they drink unfiltered groundwater. It is necessary to use filtration methods and other techniques to remove fluoride and chlorine from the water.


Water containing lead and some chemicals are toxic to human health. People living near the farmlands are prone to drinking water contaminated with pesticides, herbicides, fertiliser and other chemicals. It is important for them to filter their groundwater before using it for drinking and cooking.

Filtered water is good not only for internal health but also for external health and appearance. Filtered water improves the hair and skin conditions. When you wash your hair and skin with filtered water, you will have shinier and more manageable hair. Your skin will be softer and you will not see any scales left behind after bathing. Your health is dependent on the type of water you drink. A person needs lots of drinking water for good digestion. Water is the best detoxification material but you have to ensure you are drinking clean and purified water.